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Membrane transporter-Others
Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T3528 Senicapoc Senicapoc is a potent inhibitor of the Gardos channel and ameliorates RBC dehydration... Others
T3959 ICA069673 ICA-069673 is a KCNQ2/Q3 potassium channel activator with an IC50 of 0.69 μM. Others
T3534 TETRABENAZINE Tetrabenazine (Racemate) is a selective and reversible inhibitor of vesicular monoami... Nervous system
T3581 KS176 KS176 is a potent and selective inhibitor of the breast cancer resistance protein (BC... Others
T3690 A 740003 Potent and selective P2X7 receptor antagonist (IC50 values are 18 and 40 nM for rat a... Immunology
T3639 A-804598 A-804598 is a novel, competitive, and selective P2X7 receptor antagonist with IC50 of... Others
T3093 Spermine Tetrahydrochloride Used for precipitation of DNA of >100 base pairs in length from low salt aqueous buff... Other
T3210 AZD-3965 AZD3965 is a selective inhibitor of monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1) with a bindi... Cancer
T2657 Elacridar Elacridar (GF120918) is a potent P-gp (MDR-1) and BCRP inhibitor. Other
T2486 IOWH-032 IOWH032 is a synthetic CFTR inhibitor with IC50 of 1.01 μM in CHO-CFTR cell based ass... Cancer
T2257 AdipoRon AdipoRon is a novel, and orally bioavailable adiponectin receptor agonist with KD of ... Other
T2196 Fipronil Fipronil is a broad-use insecticide that belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical famil... Immunology
T1768 7ACC2 7ACC2 is a new potent MCT inhibitor with IC50 of 11 nM for inhibition of [14C]-lactat... Other
T1672 Dimesna Dimesna is an uroprotective agent used to decrease urotoxicity. Immunology
T1479 Isosorbide dinitrate A vasodilator used in the treatment of ANGINA PECTORIS. Its actions are similar to NI... Cardiovascular System
T1410 Torsemide Torasemide (rINN) or torsemide (USAN) is a pyridine-sulfonylurea type loop diuretic m... Cardiovascular System
T0837 Furosemide Furosemide is a loop diuretic inhibitor of Na+/2Cl-/K+ (NKCC) cotransporter. Furosemi... Cardiovascular System
T0715 Chlormezanone Chlormezanone, a non-benzodiazepine that is used in the management of anxiety. Nervous system
T0490 Chlorpropamide Chlorpropamide is a sulfonylurea class drug for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Metabolism system
T0295 Digitoxin Digitoxin is an effective Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitor, the EC50 value of Digitoxin is 0.7... Cardiovascular System
T0221 Thioproline Thioproline, used as antioxidants. Metabolism system
T0108 Bumetanide Bumetanide is a Loop Diuretic. The physiologic effect of bumetanide is by means of In... Metabolism system
T0003 Sodium Nitroprusside Sodium Nitroprusside is a potent vasodilator working through releasing NO spontaneous... Cardiovascular System