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T5121 TD139 TD139 is an inhaled galectin-3 inhibitor (Kd: 14 nM).
T7079 Batefenterol Batefenterol (GSK961081, TD-5959) is a muscarinic receptor antagonist and β2-adrenoceptor agonist. I...
T4041 GLPG1690 GLPG-1690, an autotaxin inhibitor, currently being evaluated in an exploratory phase 2 study in idio...
T0452 Dropropizine Dropropizine, a racemic non-opiate antitussive agent, is served as a cough suppressant.
T3583 PBTZ169 PBTZ169 inhibits decaprenylphosphoryl-β-d-ribose 2′-oxidase (DprE1), more efficiently than BTZ043.
T3582 BTZ043 BTZ043 is a DprE1 inhibitor with nanomolar bactericidal activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis ...
T3557 GAL-021 GAL-021 an intravenous BKCa-channel blocker.
T3556 NIH-12848 NIH-12848 is a putative inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase γ (PI5P4Kγ) with an I...
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