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Natural Product Library for CADD

Natural products are known for their general high bioactivity and representative chemical backbones. With years of experience in the hit discovery-to-lead optimization process, Targetmol has built a collection of Natural Product Libraries that can be used for CADD. The libraries comprise a leading number of natural products and their derivatives, all of which are in-house to be supplied by Targetmol for HTS and HCS. By implementing CADD to in-house compound screening, we believe new drug discovery would be more efficient and cost-effective.

Cat No. product name
L6030 Natural Product Derivatives Library for CADD Large quantity: contains 135,000 natural product derivatives and the number is continuously updating; 135000 compounds
L6020 Selectable Natural Product Library A unique collection of 19377 pure natural products with diverse structures and sources covering various plant, animal, and microbe species; 19377 compounds
Natural Product Derivatives Library for CADD
L6030 compounds - 135000
Selectable Natural Product Library
L6020 compounds - 19377