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Approved / Repurposing

There are five libraries in this category: Approved Drug Library, Clinical Compound Library, Drug Repurposing Library, FDA-Approved Drug Library, and Preclinical Compound Library. The purpose of such screening collections is to enable rapid testing of compounds with demonstrated safety profiles in new indications, such as neglected or rare diseases, where there is less commercial motivation for expensive research and development.

Cat No. product name
L3400 Clinical Compound Library 3142个临床期化合物集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 3142 compounds
L1010 FDA-Approved & Pharmacopeia Drug Library 3158个上市及药典分子集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 3158 compounds
L1000 Approved Drug Library 2863个上市药物化合物集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 2863 compounds
L4200 FDA-Approved Drug Library 1729个FDA批准药物的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 1729 compounds
L9200 Drug Repurposing Compound Library 4240种全球上市药物和临床药物的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选,是老药新用、新的药物靶点筛选和细胞诱导的有效工具。 4240 compounds
L3410 Preclinical Compound Library 709种临床前小分子化合物的特有集合,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 709 compounds
Clinical Compound Library
L3400 compounds - 3142
FDA-Approved & Pharmacopeia Drug Library
L1010 compounds - 3158
Approved Drug Library
L1000 compounds - 2863
FDA-Approved Drug Library
L4200 compounds - 1729
Drug Repurposing Compound Library
L9200 compounds - 4240
Preclinical Compound Library
L3410 compounds - 709