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Target / Pathway Focused

A target-focused library is a screening collection of compounds specifically tailored to modulate the function of a particular target or a protein family. These libraries not only reduce waste by eliminating compounds that are unlikely to bind to target proteins, but often lead to the increased potency and specificity of binders, as demonstrated for c-Src kinase. Compared to large and diverse screening libraries, using relatively small and targeted collections significantly improves the odds of finding potential drug candidates, thus further reduces the costs of drug discovery.

Cat No. product name
L1610 FDA-Approved Kinase Inhibitor Library TargetMol FDA上市激酶库包含280个具有明确激酶抑制活性的上市药物 280 compounds
L7200 Calcium Antagonist Library 143种钙通道相关化合物的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 143 compounds
L9100 Phosphatase Inhibitor Library 80种已知活性的磷酸酶抑制剂的集合,可用于化合物筛选、化学基因组学、药理分析等方面; 80 compounds
L8500 HIF-1 Signaling Pathway Compound Library 1352个HIF-1相关小分子的独特集合,可用于缺血性疾病、癌症等相关领域的药物开发和药理研究; 1352 compounds
L1120 AMPK-Targeted Compound Library 64个靶向AMPK的分子集合,可用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 64 compounds
L1500 GPCR Compound Library 1633种与G蛋白及其耦联受体相关的生物活性小分子化合物,所有小分子都具有良好的生物和药理活性,部分是FDA批准的上市药物; 1633 compounds
L3200 Autophagy Compound Library 1248种细胞自噬相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,用于自噬相关的研究,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 1248 compounds
L2610 Neurotransmitter Receptor Compound Library 1290种与神经递质受体相关的化合物,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 1290 compounds
L4100 TGF-beta/Smad Compound Library 180个TGF-β/Smad靶点相关的小分子化合物的特有集合,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 180 compounds
L3300 Histamine & Melatonin Receptor-Targeted Library 155种生物活性小分子化合物,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 155 compounds
L2800 Serotonin Receptor-Targeted Compound Library 275种生物活性小分子化合物,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 275 compounds
L3510 Methylation Compound Library 131种甲基化相关的化合物,可以用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 131 compounds
L3600 Cytokine Inhibitor Library 613个与细胞因子紧密相关的化合物集合,是高通量、高内涵筛选的良好载体; 613 compounds
L7400 Sodium Channel Blocker Library 128种钠通道相关化合物的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 128 compounds
L5300 Mitochondria-Targeted Compound Library 447种具有潜在或确定线粒体靶向活性的化合物,以促进针对线粒体的药物研究; 447 compounds
L2300 Ion Channel Inhibitor Library 946种与离子通道相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,用于离子通道相关的疾病和药物研究,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 946 compounds
L9420 Exosome Compound Library 54种外泌体相关的化合物,可以用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 54 compounds
L1110 Microtubule-Targeted Compound Library 80种靶向微管的分子集合,用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 80 compounds
L2000 Inhibitor Library 5700个小分子抑制剂的独特集合,主要用于细胞信号研究、新药筛选、高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 5700 compounds
L3800 NF-κB Signaling Compound Library 560个NF-κB信号通路相关的小分子化合物的特有集合,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 560 compounds
L1400 MAPK Inhibitor Library 367种与MAPK信号通路相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 367 compounds
L1600 Kinase Inhibitor Library 2160种激酶抑制剂的独特集合,用于特定靶向激酶,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 2160 compounds
L8100 Cell Cycle Compound Library 695种细胞周期相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 695 compounds
L4300 Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch Compound Library 240个Wnt & Hedgehog & Notch靶点相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,用于相关通路的研究及药物的筛选,可用于高通量、高内涵筛选。 240 compounds
L3900 DNA Damage & Repair Compound Library 937个与DNA损伤和修复紧密相关的化合物集合,是高通量筛选,高内涵筛选的良好载体; 937 compounds
L8700 Ferroptosis Compound Library 800种与铁死亡通路相关的化合物,可用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 800 compounds
L1200 Epigenetics Compound Library 1120种表观遗传学研究相关的生物活性小分子的特有集合,用于表观遗传学研究及其相关的检测和高通量、高内涵筛选; 1120 compounds
L9000 Apoptosis Compound Library 1796种与凋亡相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,多用于研究肿瘤发生发展机制和抗癌药物筛选等。可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 1796 compounds
L8600 Ubiquitination Compound Library 214种泛素化相关的小分子,用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 214 compounds
L1580 GPCR Compound Library Plus 338种GPCR靶向、结构新颖的化合物; 338 compounds
L1310 Cytoskeletal Signaling Pathway Compound Library 590种细胞骨架相关的化合物,可以用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 590 compounds
L1100 Protease Inhibitor Library 637种已知的小分子蛋白酶抑制剂的特有集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 637 compounds
L7300 Potassium Channel Blocker Library 160种钾通道相关化合物的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 160 compounds
L3700 JAK-STAT Compound Library 256个JAK/STAT靶点相关的小分子化合物的独特集合,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 256 compounds
L4800 Angiogenesis related Compound Library 1370个高潜力的抑制或促进血管生成的小分子集合,可用于药物靶点开发、血管生成机理研究的高通量筛选,高内涵筛选; 1370 compounds
L7600 Chemokine Inhibitor Library 59种趋化因子或其受体抑制剂的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 59 compounds
L2600 Neuronal Signaling Compound Library 2011种CNS相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,用于高通量、高内涵筛选; 2011 compounds
L2700 Adrenergic Receptor-Targeted Compound Library 219种特异靶向肾上腺素受体的生物活性小分子化合物的集合,是相关疾病药物筛选的有效工具; 219 compounds
L1300 PI3K-AKT-mTOR Compound Library 425种与PI3K/Akt/mTOR相关的生物活性小分子化合物的特有集合,用于PI3K/Akt/mTOR相关研究以及高通量、高内涵筛选; 425 compounds
L2200 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Library 746种酪氨酸激酶抑制剂的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 746 compounds
L1510 Nuclear Receptor Inhibitors Library 420个核受体作用化合物的独特集合,可用于高通量筛选和高内涵筛选; 420 compounds
L9700 Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Compound Library 193个内质网应激相关的化合物集合,可用于高通量和高内涵筛选; 193 compounds
FDA-Approved Kinase Inhibitor Library
L1610 compounds - 280
Calcium Antagonist Library
L7200 compounds - 143
Phosphatase Inhibitor Library
L9100 compounds - 80
HIF-1 Signaling Pathway Compound Library
L8500 compounds - 1352
AMPK-Targeted Compound Library
L1120 compounds - 64
GPCR Compound Library
L1500 compounds - 1633
Autophagy Compound Library
L3200 compounds - 1248
Neurotransmitter Receptor Compound Library
L2610 compounds - 1290
TGF-beta/Smad Compound Library
L4100 compounds - 180
Histamine & Melatonin Receptor-Targeted Library
L3300 compounds - 155
Serotonin Receptor-Targeted Compound Library
L2800 compounds - 275
Methylation Compound Library
L3510 compounds - 131
Cytokine Inhibitor Library
L3600 compounds - 613
Sodium Channel Blocker Library
L7400 compounds - 128
Mitochondria-Targeted Compound Library
L5300 compounds - 447
Ion Channel Inhibitor Library
L2300 compounds - 946
Exosome Compound Library
L9420 compounds - 54
Microtubule-Targeted Compound Library
L1110 compounds - 80
Inhibitor Library
L2000 compounds - 5700
NF-κB Signaling Compound Library
L3800 compounds - 560
MAPK Inhibitor Library
L1400 compounds - 367
Kinase Inhibitor Library
L1600 compounds - 2160
Cell Cycle Compound Library
L8100 compounds - 695
Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch Compound Library
L4300 compounds - 240
DNA Damage & Repair Compound Library
L3900 compounds - 937
Ferroptosis Compound Library
L8700 compounds - 800
Epigenetics Compound Library
L1200 compounds - 1120
Apoptosis Compound Library
L9000 compounds - 1796
Ubiquitination Compound Library
L8600 compounds - 214
GPCR Compound Library Plus
L1580 compounds - 338
Cytoskeletal Signaling Pathway Compound Library
L1310 compounds - 590
Protease Inhibitor Library
L1100 compounds - 637
Potassium Channel Blocker Library
L7300 compounds - 160
JAK-STAT Compound Library
L3700 compounds - 256
Angiogenesis related Compound Library
L4800 compounds - 1370
Chemokine Inhibitor Library
L7600 compounds - 59
Neuronal Signaling Compound Library
L2600 compounds - 2011
Adrenergic Receptor-Targeted Compound Library
L2700 compounds - 219
PI3K-AKT-mTOR Compound Library
L1300 compounds - 425
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Library
L2200 compounds - 746
Nuclear Receptor Inhibitors Library
L1510 compounds - 420
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Compound Library
L9700 compounds - 193