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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4009 NS 1209 NS1209 is a AMPA receptor antagonist. Nervous system
T3957 Farampator Farampator (CX-691;Org24448) is an AMPA receptor positive modulator. Nervous system
T3473 ATPO ATPO is Competitive antagonist at GluR1-4 (AMPA-preferring) receptors. Others
T3379 Decanoic Acidnew Decanoic Acid acts as a non-competitive AMPA receptor antagonist. Others
T1884 Ampalex Ampalex (Ampakine CX516; CX516; BDP 12), an ampakine and nootropic, acts as an AMPA r... Other
T1443 Memantine hydrochloride Memantine hydrochloride is an AMANTADINE derivative that has some dopaminergic effect... Nervous system
T0333 Aniracetam Aniracetam(Ro 13-5057), a nootropic and neuroprotective drug, selectively modulates t... Cardiovascular System