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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T5110 IRAK inhibitor 6 IRAK inhibitor 6 is an inhibitor of interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (IRAK-...
T5094 IRAK inhibitor 1 IRAK inhibitor 1 is an effective IRAK-4 inhibitor (IC50: 216 nM), is poorly active ag...
T4547 Grazoprevir MK-5172 is a selective inhibitor of Hepatitis C virus NS3/4a protease with broad acti... Antivirals
T4536 Pleconaril Pleconaril is a capsid inhibitor used previously to treat enterovirus infections. Ple... Antivirals
T4492 pocapavir Pocapavir is an investigational enterovirus (EV) capsid inhibitor. Antivirals
T3366 Cephalotaxinenew Cephalotaxine is an antiviral and an antitumor agent. Others
T6642 Rimantadine Rimantadine (Flumadine) is an anti-influenza virus drug for T. brucei with IC50 of 7 ... Immunology
T6096 Pretomanid PA-824, a nitroimidazole, is used as an anti-tuberculosis drug for tuberculosis with... Immunology/ Respiratory sytem
T2843 Aloe-emodin Aloe-emodin is an interferon-inducing agent, for JEV (IC50=1 μg/mL) and EV71(IC50=0... Immunology
T2504 Pritelivir Pritelivir (BAY 57-1293) is a potent helicase-primase inhibitor with active against H... Immunology
T2393 Efavirenz Efavirenz is a Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 Non-Nucleoside Analog Reverse Transcrip... Immunology
T2279 Tizoxanide Desacetyl-nitazoxanide is a metabolite of lamivudine. Lamivudine (2', 3'-dideoxy-3'-t... Immunology
T1675 Adefovir dipivoxil Adefovir Dipivoxil is a dipivoxil formulation of adefovir, a nucleoside reverse trans... Immunology
T1649 Tenofovir Tenofovir is an adenine analog REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITOR with antiviral activit...
T1646 Famciclovir Famciclovir is a Herpes Simplex Virus Nucleoside Analog DNA Polymerase Inhibitor. The... Nervous system
T1533 Valganciclovir hydrochloride Valganciclovir Hydrochloride is a hydrochloride salt form of valganciclovir, a prodru... Immunology
T1513 Telbivudine Telbivudine is a Hepatitis B Virus Nucleoside Analog Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor.... Immunology
T1506 Vidarabine Vidarabine is a nucleoside antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces antibioticus. It has... Immunology
T1404 Stavudine Stavudine, a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor analog of thymidine, has acti... Immunology
T0718 Brivudine Brivudine, an antiviral medicine, is used in the therapy of herpes zoster. Immunology
T0688 Ganciclovir Ganciclovir is an ACYCLOVIR analog that is a potent inhibitor of the Herpesvirus fami... Immunology
T0682 Lamivudine Lamivudine is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor and ZALCITABINE analog in which a sul... Immunology
T0509 Dermofongin Cloxyquin is a monohalogenated 8-hydroxyquinoline with activity against bacteria, fun... Immunology
T0244 Tilorone dihydrochloride Tilorone dihydrochloride is an orally active interferon inducer, and has antineoplast... Immunology
T0090 Moroxydine hydrochloride Moroxydine hydrochloride is a synthetic antiviral drug chemically belonging to the se... Immunology