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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T6393 ARQ 621 ARQ 621 is an allosteric, and selective Eg5 mitotic motor protein inhibitor. Phase 1. Cancer
T6129 GSK1070916 GSK1070916, also known as NMI-900 or GSK-1070916A, is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of... Cancer
T2689 AZ 3146 AZ3146 is a selective Mps1 inhibitor with IC50 of ~35 nM. Cancer
T2313 MPI-0479605 MPI-0479605 is an ATP competitive and selective inhibitor. Other
T2255 SB743921 SB-743921 is an effective inhibitor of kinesin spindle protein, KSP, (Ki =0.1 nM). Cancer
T2103 Ispinesib Ispinesib, a selective, effectvie and reversible inhibitor of kinesin spindle protein... Cancer
T2039 GSK923295 GSK923295 is a selective allosteric inhibitor of CENP-E kinesin motor ATPase(Ki=3.2 n... Cancer