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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4459 PK11007 PK11007 is a p53 targeting compound, has anti-tumor activities through activation of ...
T3517 RO8994 RO8994 is a highly effective and specific inhibitor of spiroindolinone small-molecule... Others
T3653 MX69 MX69 is the?MDM2/XIAP?inhibitor, blocking the MDM2 protein-XIAP RNA interaction, lead...
T6965 RG-7112 RG7112 (RO5045337) is an orally bioavailable and selective p53-MDM2 inhibitor. Others
T6954 PRIMA-1 PRIMA-1 is a mutant p53 reactivator. It induces apoptosis and inhibits growth of huma... Others
T3184 Kevetrin hydrochloride Kevetrin hydrochloride is a small molecule and activator of the tumor suppressor prot... Cancer
T6585 MI-773 MI-773 (SAR405838) is an orally available MDM2 antagonist with Ki of 0.88 nM. Phase 1... Cancer
T6614 Nutlin-3b Nutlin-3b is a p53/MDM2 antagonist or inhibitor (IC50: 13.6 μM), 150-fold less potent... Cancer
T6610 NSC 207895 NSC 207895 suppresses MDMX with IC50 of 2.5 μM, leading to enhanced p53 stabilization... Cancer
T6254 Idasanutlin Idasanutlin (RG-7388) is an effective and specific p53-MDM2 inhibitor (IC50: 6 nM). Cancer
T6149 YH239-EE YH239-EE, the ethyl ester of YH239, is a potent p53-MDM2 antagonist and an apoptosis ... Cancer
T6023 Nutlin-3a Nutlin-3a, the active enantiomer of Nutlin-3, inhibits MDM2-p53 interactions and stab... Cancer
T2464 NSC319726 NSC319726, a mutant p53R175 reactivator, suppresses growth of fibroblasts that expres... Cancer
T2243 Serdemetan Serdemetan is an orally bioavailable HDM2 antagonist with potential antineoplastic ac... Cancer
T2158 Nutlin-3 Nutlin-3 is an MDM2 antagonist. Nutlin-3 inhibits the MDM2-p53 interaction (IC50: 0.0... Other
T1919 Tenovin-1 Tenovin-1 inhibits protein-deacetylating activities of SirT1 and SirT2 and protects a... Cancer
T1798 RITA RITA(NSC 652287) induced cross-links of both DNA-DNA and DNA-protein with no detectab... Other