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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4612 NS309 NS309 is a positive modulator of small- and intermediate- conductance Ca2+-activated ... Atrial fibrillation
T7056 Dronedarone Dronedarone is an amiodarone analogue which has an effective and promising treatment ...
T0150 Hydroxyhexamide

Hydroxyhexamide is a pharmacologically active metabolite of Acetohexamide, used as...

T4316 ML365 ML365 is a novel selective small molecule inhibitor of TASK1(KCNK3). others
T4224 ML335 ML335 is a selective activator of both TREK-1 and TREK-2. Others
T3557 GAL-021 GAL-021 an intravenous BKCa-channel blocker. Respiratory system/
T3332 Isosteviol Isosteviol, a common natural sweetener, belongs to tetracyclic diterpene glycosides. ... Metabolism
T3192 NS1643 NS1643 is a potent human ether-a-go-go related gene (hERG) KV11.1 channel activator w... Other
T6587 Mitiglinide Calcium Mitiglinide Calcium is a blood glucose-lowering drugs, stimulating insulin secretion ... Cardiovascular System
T6631 Quinine HCl Dihydrate Quinine HCl Dihydrate is a white crystalline K+ channel blocker, used to treat malari... Cardiovascular System
T6476 Dofetilide Dofetilide is a sulfonamide class III antiarrhythmic agent and potassium channel bloc... Cardiovascular System
T6592 ML133 HCl ML133 HCl is a selective potassium channel inhibitor for Kir2.1 with IC50 of 1.8 μM (... Cardiovascular System
T6186 TRAM-34 TRAM-34(Kd=20 nM),an effective and specific inhibitor of the intermediate-conductance... Cardiovascular System
T3102 NS 1619 NS1619 have cardio-protective effects after ischemia-reperfusion injury. Cardiovascular System
T1752 NS6180 NS6180 is a potent and selective KCa3.1 channel inhibitor(IC50= 9 nM). It prevents T-... Other
T1674 Nateglinide Nateglinide is an oral hypoglycemic agent and amino acid derivative that stimulates i...
T1634 Glyburide Glyburide is an antidiabetic sulfonylurea derivative with actions similar to those of... Metabolism system
T1530 Mitiglinide calcium Mitiglinide is a drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Mitiglinide is thought to... Metabolism system
T1527 Gliclazide Gliclazide, an oral antihyperglycemic agent, belongs to the sulfonylurea class of ins... Metabolism system
T1498 Indapamide Indapamide is a non-thiazide sulphonamide diuretic compound, generally used in the tr... Cardiovascular System
T1496 Amiodarone hydrochloride Amiodarone hydrochloride is an antianginal and class III antiarrhythmic drug. It incr... Cardiovascular System
T1453 Phenformin hydrochloride Phenformin is an agent belonging to the biguanide class of antidiabetics with antihyp... Metabolism system
T1449 Hydrochlorothiazide Hydrochlorothiazide is a Thiazide Diuretic. The physiologic effect of hydrochlorothia... Cardiovascular System
T1384 Chlorpromazine hydrochloride Chlorpromazine hydrochloride is the prototypical phenothiazine antipsychotic drug. Li... Nervous system
T1334 Hydroquinidine Dihydroquinidine is an organic compound, used as an antiarrhythmic agent. Cardiovascular System
T1333 Tolazamide Tolazamide is a sulphonylurea hypoglycemic agent with actions and uses similar to tho... Metabolism system
T1320 Disopyramide A class I anti-arrhythmic agent (one that interferes directly with the depolarization... Cardiovascular System
T1291 Cisapride Cisapride is a serotonin type 4 (5-HT4) receptor agonists are potent prokinetic agent... Metabolism system
T1278 Astemizole Astemizole is a synthetic piperidinyl-benzimidazol derivative with antiallergic prope... Nervous system
T1266 Terfenadine Terfenadine is a prodrug that is metabolized by intestinal CYP3A4 to the active form ... Nervous system