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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4426 CEP-40783 CEP-40783 is an effective, specific and orally active AXL/c-Met inhibitor (IC50: 7/12... Cancer
T4419 UNC2025 2HCl (1429881-91-3(free base)) UNC2025 is a potent and orally bioavailable Mer/Flt3 dual inhibitor with IC50 of 0.8/...
T4409 Gilteritinib Gilteritinib is a potent inhibitor at the FMS-related tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3) and AX... Cancer
T2699 BMS-777607 BMS-777607 is a Met-related inhibitor for c-Met/Axl/Ron/Tyro3 (IC50: 3.9/1.1/1.8/4.3 ... Endocrine system
T2629 UNC2881 UNC2881 is a specific Mer tyrosine kinase inhibitor (IC50: 4.3 nM). It is about 83- a... Cancer
T2311 LDC1267 LDC1267 is a excellently specific TAM(Tyro3, Axl and Mer) kinase inhibitor, for Mer( ... Cancer
T1968 UNC2250 UNC2250 is an effective and specific Mer inhibitor (IC50=1.7 nM). Cancer
T6269 Bemcentinib R428 (BGB324), a selective inhibitor of Axl(IC50=14 nM), has been investigated for th... Cancer