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Estrogen/progestogen Receptor

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T2973 Astragaloside IV Astragaloside IV, an active component isolated from Astragalus membranaceus, suppresses the activation of ERK1/2 and JNK, and downregulates matrix metalloprotea...
T3325 Liquiritigenin Liquiritigenin, a flavonoid aglycone from licorice, is a highly selective estrogen receptor β (ERβ) agonist.
T3378 17α-Estradiol Endogenous estrogen receptor ligand (Ki values are 0.2 and 1.2 nM for ERα and ERβ receptors respectively).
T3645 Endoxifen E-isomer hydrochloride Endoxifen, a tamoxifen metabolite, is effective specific Estrogen Response Modifier (SERM).
T3717 β-thujaplicin β-thujaplicin can inhibit ultraviolet B-induced apoptosis in keratinocytes and strongly suggest that the inhibitory mechanism is due to the antioxidant activit...
T3806 kaempferide Kaempferide triglycoside inhibits the proliferation of native and estrogen receptor beta overexpressing colon cancer cells through a mechanism not mediated by l...
T3846 Bavachin Bavachin is a phytoestrogen that activates the estrogen receptors ERα and ERβ.
T3958 WAY 200070 WAY-200070 is a specific agonist of estrogen receptor β (ERRβ, IC50: 2.3 nM).
T3975 AZD9496 AZD9496 is an orally available selective estrogen receptor(ERα) antagonist, with potential antineoplastic activity.
T4000 (±)-Equol Equol is a non-steroidal estrogen produced from the metabolism of the isoflavonoid phytoestrogen daidzen by human intestinal microflora. The estrogen receptor ...
T4281 (E/Z)-Endoxifen Tamoxifen is an antineoplastic nonsteroidal selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM).
T4388 PHTPP PHTPP is a selective Erβ antagonist.
T4420 (Z)-4-hydroxy Tamoxifen <p>Afimoxifene, a tamoxifen metabolite, is estrogen receptor antagonist (IC50: 3.3 nM). It also increases CRISPR/Cas9-mediated editing frequency.</p>
T4549 Tibolone Tibolone is an estrogen-like compound used for the treatment of the symptoms associated with menopausal transition (i.e., climacteric symptoms) and also for the...
T5118 GDC-0810 GDC-0810 is a selective estrogen receptor degrader (IC50: 0.7 nM).
T5174 Nestoron Nestoron, a synthetic progestin, is a high-affinity agonist of the progesterone receptor (EC50: 10.3 nM).
T5531 GSK-4716 GSK4716 is an ERRβ/γ agonist (IC50 = 2 μM) that can activate the receptor with similar potency as the protein ligand
T5633 H3B-5942 H3B-5942 belongs to a class of ERα antagonists referred to as selective estrogen receptor covalent antagonists (SERCA).
T5835 PROTAC ERRα ligand 2 PROTAC ERRα ligand 2 is an estrogen-related receptor α (ERRα) inverse agonist( IC50 : 5.67 nM)
T6404 Bazedoxifene HCl Bazedoxifene HCl is a novel, non-steroidal, indole-based estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) binding to both ERα and ERβ with IC50 of 23 nM and 89 nM, respect...
T6491 Equol S-equol is an orally bioavailable, non-steroidal estrogen naturally produced by the metabolism of the isoflavonoid daidzein by human intestinal microflora, with...
T6533 Hexestrol Hexestrol binds to ERα and ERβ with EC50 of 0.07 nM and 0.175 nM, respectively.
T6620 Ospemifene Ospemifene is a new selective non-hormonal estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that is used for the treatment of moderate to severe dyspareunia, a symptom of vul...
T6683 STF-62247 STF-62247 is TGN inhibitor with IC50 of 0.625 μM and 16 μM in RCC4 and RCC4/VHL cells,respectively.
T6827 Endoxifen HCl Endoxifen HCl is the active metabolite of Tamoxifen, which is an effective and selective estrogen receptor antagonist.
T6906 Tamoxifen Tamoxifen is an antagonist of the estrogen receptor in breast tissue.
T7223 Gestrinone Gestrinone is a synthetic androgen receptor agonist and ER and progesterone receptor antagonist used to treat endometriosis. It inhibits leiomyoma cells with an...
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