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T0738 Urea Urea is formed in the liver from ammonia produced by the deamination of amino acids. It is the principal end metabolite of protein catabolism and accounts for a...
T1971 WAY-262611 WAY-262611 is a wingless β-Catenin agonist.
T2003 Isx 9 ISX9 is necessary to activate neuron-specific genes as neurogenesis inducer.
T2052 KY02111 KY02111 facilitates differentiation of hPSCs to cardiomyocytes by inhibiting Wnt signaling, maybe affect downstream of GSK3β and APC.
T2237 ICG001 ICG-001 antagonizes Wnt/β-catenin/TCF-mediated transcription and specifically binds to element-binding protein (CREB)-binding protein (CBP) with IC50 of 3 μM,...
T2413 FH535 FH535, a Wnt/β-catenin signaling and PPAR inhibitor, exhibits anti-tumor activities.
T2651 IWR-1-endo IWR-1, a Wnt pathway inhibitor, stabilizes the Axin destruction complex(EC50=0.2 uM).
T2702 IWP-2 IWP-2, an inhibitor of Wnt processing and secretion (IC50=27 nM) in a cell-free assay, selectively blocks Porcn-mediated Wnt palmitoylation.
T2818 Methyl Vanillate Methyl vanillate is Hovenia Dulcis Thunb extract and its ingredient methyl vanillate activate Wnt/β-catenin pathway and increase bone mass in growing or ovarie...
T3144 Wnt agonist 1 Wnt agonist 1 (BML-284) is a potent, selective and ,cell-permeable Wnt signaling activator.
T4011 NCB-0846 NCB-0846 is an orally active TNIK inhibitor (IC50: 21 nM).
T4043 ETC-159 ETC-159 is a potent, orally available PORCN inhibitor. It inhibits β-catenin reporter activity with an IC50 of 2.9 nM.
T4245 IWP 4 IWP-4 is a potent Wnt inhibitor.
T6868 KYA1797K KYA1797K is a highly potent and selective inhibitor. Wnt/β-catenin IC50 is 0.75 μM through TOPflash assay.
T6989 SKL2001 SKL2001, an agonist of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway, can disrupt the Axin/β-catenin interaction.
T4302 iCRT3 iCRT3 is a Wnt and β-catenin-responsive transcription inhibitor.
T4476 AS1517499 AS1517499 is a potent STAT6 inhibitor with IC50 of 21 nM
T3S0153 Xanthatin 1. Xanthatin has cytotoxic activity. 2. Xanthatin has antibacterial and antifungal activies against MRSA. 3. Xanthatin may have therapeutic potential against NS...
T5S0754 Isoquercitrin 1. Isoquercitrin is a potential stimulator of bone mineralization used for prophylaxis of osteoporotic disorders. 2. Isoquercitrin may be as a potential therape...
T4468 WAY 316606 WAY 316606 is an inhibitor of the secreted protein sFRP-1, an endogenous antagonist of the secreted glycoprotein Wnt.
TL0007 Bisdemethoxycurcumin Bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) is a natural demethoxy derivative of curcumin. It is a potent activator of macrophage phagocytosis, interacting with 1α,25-dihydrox...
TL0008 Gigantol Gigantol is a novel inhibitor of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. It inhibits Wnt/β-catenin signaling through downregulation of phosphorylated LRP6 and cytosolic β...
T4486 iCRT 14 iCRT 14 is a novel potent inhibitor of β-catenin-responsive transcription (CRT)(IC50= 40.3 nM in assays of Wnt pathway activity).
T1878 XAV-939 XAV-939 shows the selective inhibition against Wnt/β-catenin-mediated transcription by tankyrase1/2 inhibition (IC50: 11/4 nM in cell-free assays).
T5636 Adavivint (SM04690) Adavivint (SM04690) is a Wnt pathway inhibitor.
T5642 BC2059 BC2059 is a small molecule inhibitor of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway with potential antineoplastic activity.
T5729 L-quebrachitol L-quebrachitol is a natural product.L-quebrachitol may promote osteoblastogenesis by triggering the BMP-2-response as well as the Runx2, MAPK, and Wnt/β-cateni...
T7204 PNU 74654 PNU 74654 binds to β-catenin (Kd = 450 nM), inhibiting its interaction with the transcription factor T cell factor 4 (Tcf4) resulting in disruption of the Wnt ...
T7333 Pyrvinium pamoate Pyrvinium pamoate is an old anthelminthic medicine for the treatment of enterobiasis , which re-attracts attention as an anti-cancer drug due to its inhibition...
T7399 LF3 LF3 is a specific inhibitor of canonical Wnt signaling by disrupting the interaction between β-catenin and TCF4 (IC50 < 2 μM)
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