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T4199 Desmethyl-VS-5584 Desmethyl-VS-5584 is a demethyl analogue of VS-5584, which is a novel and highly selective PI3K/mTOR...
T4198 T.cruzi Inhibitor MDK-1088, also known as T.cruzi Inhibitor, is a Trypanosoma cruzi inhibitor.?
T4197 HZ-1157 HZ-1157 is a hepatitis C virus (HCV) inhibitor with inhibitory activities toward HCV NS3/4A protease
T4196 NSC19005 NSC19005 is structurally related to Betahistine. NSC19005 is a dimer of Betahistine
T4195 Betahistine Betahistine is a histamine analog and H1 receptor agonist that serves as a vasodilator. It is used i...
T4194 CID-25014542 CID-25014542 is novel inhibitor of Raf kinases.
T4192 hnps-PLA Inhibitor Hnps-PLA Inhibitor, is an inhibitor of human nonpancreatic secretory Phospholipase A (hnps-PLA). The...
T4191 Multi-kinase inhibitor I Multi-kinase inhibitor I, is a Multi-kinase inhibitor. MDK74978 has CAS#778274-97-8. The last 5 digi...
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