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Cat.No. Product Name Information Area
T4321 Indisulam Indisulam, also known as E7070, is a carbonic anhydrase inhbitor, is also a novel syn... cancer
T3916 Ginsenoside F2 Ginsenoside F2 has antiproliferative activity against breast cancer stem cells (CSCs)... Others
T3908 10-Gingerol 10-Gingerol-induced apoptosis was accompanied by phosphorylation of the mitogen-activ... Others
T3902 Atractylenolide III Atractylenolide III may have therapeutic potential in treating homocysteine-mediated ... Others
T3796 Betulinaldehyde Betulinaldehyde has anti-proliferative activity against mouse +SA mammary epithelial ... Others
T3771 Methyl protodioscin Methyl protodioscin has antitumor property. Methyl protodioscin potentially increase ... Others
T3488 Tectorigenin Tectorigenin is an isoflavone and of apoptosis in human HL-60 cells. Others
T2991 3,3'-Diindolylmethane DIM (3,3'-diindolylmethane), a small molecule compound, is a proposed cancer preventi... Cancer
T2799 (20S)-Protopanaxadiol (20S)-Protopanaxadiol (20-Epiprotopanaxadiol) is an aglycon metabolic derivative of t... Cancer
T2733 Sarsasapogenin Sarsasapogenin is a steroidal sapogenin, that is the aglycosidic portion of a plant s... Cancer
T2065 Bioymifi Bioymifi can act as a single agent to induce DR5 clustering and aggregation, leading ... Other
T1882 Meisoindigo Meisoindigo(Natura-α; N-Methylisoindigotin; Dian III), a derivative of Indigo natural... Cancer
T1368 Methyl protocatechuate Thermographic recording material with improved image tone Other