Anti-diabetic Library

Anti-diabetic Library contains 107 bioactive compounds aliquoted to 96-well plates, ideal for screening and neurodegenerative diseases’ mechanism research.

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Product description and advantages


         A unique collection of 107 bioactive compounds related to glycometabolism for the  research of diabetes.


 A unique collection of 107 compounds for drug screening;

 Biological activity and safety has been verified through preliminary clinical studies and clinical trials;

 Targets include SGLT, PPAR, DPP-4, OC receptor,AMPK, etc;

 Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable;

 Detailed specifications, chemical structure, target, IC50 value, activity description, etc;

 NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity

 All compounds are in stock.

Product Details

Formulation: A collection of 107 bioactive compounds supplied as 1 mg, 5 mg powder and pre-dissolved DMSO solutions

Container: 96 Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode

Stability: One year as Powder

                3 months - 20 ° C in DMSO

                6 months -80 ° C in DMSO

                Avoid repeated freezing

Shipping: Blue ice

Packaging: Inert gas


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You can select compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO), plate map, and concentration to meet your specific requirement.

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