Bioactive Compounds

Contains more than 3,470 small molecule compounds, pays more attention on their targets. All compounds have targets description, which is the key point to drug screening.

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Product description and advantages


Bioactive compound library, which contains more than 3,470 small molecule compounds, pays mor attention on their targets. All compounds have targets description, which is the key 

point to drug screening.



◇ A unique collection of 3,470  bioactive compounds with known targets for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS);

◇ All compounds have clarified target and corresponding target description;

◇ An effective tool for drug screening and discovering new with old drugs;

◇ Covers various areas, such as GPCR/G protein, Neuroscience, Membrane Transporter/Ion Channel, Microbiology & Virology, Immunology/Inflammation, Tyrosine Kinase/Adaptors, etc;

◇ More detailed compound information with structure, target, activity, IC50 value, and brief introduction;

◇ Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable;

◇ NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity and quality;

All compounds are in stock.


Large capacity: the amount of compounds is tremendous;

Good quality: all compounds tested qualified;

Fine diversity: most compounds have known targets;

Better cost-effective: lower price with higher quality, saving scientific research funds


Product Details

Formulation: A collection of 3,470   bioactive compounds supplied as 1 mg, 5 mg powder and pre-dissolved DMSO solutions

Container: 96 Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode

Stability: One year as Powder

                3 months - 20 ° C in DMSO

                6 months -80 ° C in DMSO

                Avoid repeated freezing

Shipping: Blue ice

Packaging: Inert gas

Customize your library

You can select compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO), plate map, and concentration to meet your specific requirement.


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