One of the greatest advantages of PROTACs, a class of protein degradants, is its ability to degrade the inactive protein. Most of the small molecule drugs need to combine the active site of enzymes to work, but for those proteins without enzyme active sites, are helpless. However, it is estimated that 80% of the proteins in human cells lack such sites, and PROTACs can catch and degrade the target protein. PROTACs has become one of the most promising new drug development technologies in recent years

The PROTACs molecule consists of three distinct parts: a ligand that binds to the target protein, a ligand that binds to the E3 ligase, and a linker that connects the two ligands. PROTACs can associate the target protein with E3 ligase by binding to the target protein, so that the target protein are ubiquitinated and then will be degraded by the proteasome.

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