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Featured Novel Bioactive Compound Library Drug-Fragment Library Anti-Cancer Compound Library Plus Bioactive Compounds Library Max Antibiotics Library High Solubility Micro Fragment Library Chemotherapy Drug Library Anti-Fibrosis Compound Library Target-Focused Phenotypic Screening Library Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Compound Library Cytoskeletal Signaling Pathway Compound Library Anti-Cancer Drug Library Anti-Cancer Active Compound Library High Solubility 3D Diversity Fragment Library Anti-virus Traditional Chinese Medicine Monomer Library Anti-Cancer Compound Library Anti-Cancer Clinical Compound Library Chinese Pharmacopoeia Natural Product Library Anti-Cancer Approved Drug Library PI3K-AKT-mTOR Compound Library Anti-Diabetic Compound Library Pyroptosis Compound Library Clinical Compound Library RO5 Drug-like Natural Product Library Anti-Parasitic Compound Library FDA-Approved Drug Library NF-κB Signaling Compound Library Anti-Obesity Compound Library Exosome Compound Library Inhibitor Library Traditional Chinese Medicine Monomer Library Autophagy Compound Library Natural Product Library Featured Fragment Library Ion Channel Inhibitor Library Glycolysis Compound Library Ferroptosis Compound Library Glutamine Metabolism Compound Library Angiogenesis related Compound Library Serotonin Receptor-Targeted Compound Library Anti-infective Natural Product Library Methylation Compound Library Drug Repurposing Compound Library Coagulation and Anticoagulation Compound Library Cancer Cell Differentiation Compound Library Sodium Channel Blocker Library Hematonosis Compound Library Anti-Breast Cancer Compound Library Anti-Inflammatory Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound Library Neural Regeneration Compound Library Anti-Tumor Natural Product Library Lipid Metabolism Compound Library Glycometabolism Compound Library Drug-induced Liver Injury (DILI) Compound Library Approved Drug Library Natural Product Library for HTS Selected Plant-Sourced Compound Library Tibetan medicine Compound Library Selectable Natural Product Library Anti-COVID-19 Compound Library HIF-1 Signaling Pathway Compound Library Chemokine Inhibitor Library Nucleotide Compound Library Protease Inhibitor Library Anti-Cancer Metabolism Compound Library Flavonoid Natural Product Library Covalent Inhibitor Library Microbial Natural Product Library AMPK-Targeted Compound Library Anti-Hypertension Compound Library Endocrinology-Hormone Compound Library Natural Product Derivatives Library ReFRAME Library Cardiotoxicity Compound Library Mitochondria-Targeted Compound Library Pediatric Drug Library Potassium Channel Blocker Library Pre-plated Diversity Sets Transcription Factor-Targeted Compound Library Cysteine Covalent Library Anti-Nervous System Disease Library Histone Modification Compound Library Anti-Pancreatic Cancer Compound Library DNA Damage & Repair Compound Library Cyclic Peptide Library Calcium Antagonist Library Anti-Cardiovascular Disease Compound Library PPI Inhibitor Library Bioactive Lipid Compound Library SmartTM Library Epigenetics Compound Library Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Library Osteogenesis Compound Library Ubiquitination Compound Library Antiparasitic Natural Product Library Adrenergic Receptor-Targeted Compound Library Microtubule-Targeted Compound Library Mini Electrophilic Heterocyclic Fragment Library Marine Natural Product Library Covalent Natural Product Library High Solubility Polyfunctional Group Fragment Library Anti-Parkinson's Disease Compound Library JAK-STAT Compound Library Toxic Compound Library Anti-COVID-19 Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound Library Golden Scaffold Library Anti-Infection Compound Library Stem Cell Differentiation Compound Library Neurotransmitter Receptor Compound Library Beta-Lactam Compound Library Anti-Fungal Compound Library Hematopoietic Toxicity Compound Library Metabolism Compound Library Anti-Alzheimer's Disease Compound Library Food as Medicine Compound Library Terpene Natural Product Library Traditional Mongolian Medicine Compound Library Anti-Aging Compound Library Mouse Metabolite Compound Library High Solubility FragLite Fragment Library Phosphatase Inhibitor Library Histamine & Melatonin Receptor-Targeted Compound Library Peptide Compound Library Natural Product Derivatives Library for CADD TGF-beta/Smad Compound Library Polyphenolic Natural Product Library High Solubility Pharmacophore Fragment Library Neuronal Signaling Compound Library Gut Microbial Metabolite Library Oxidation-Reduction Compound Library Mini Scaffold Library Cell Cycle Compound Library Alkaloid Natural Product Library Chromatin Modification Compound Library Apoptosis Compound Library Anti-Gastroenteritis Natural Product Library Macrocyclic Compound Library Human Metabolite Library The Yao nationality medicine Library Human Endogenous Metabolite Library Drug Metabolite/Impurity Library Cytokine Inhibitor Library GPCR Compound Library Plus Kinase Inhibitor Library FDA-Approved Kinase Inhibitor Library Rare Natural Compound Library NO PAINS Compound Library Covalent inhibitors Library Anti-Viral Compound Library Nuclear Receptor Compound Library Diversity Core Library Part1 High Solubility Fragment Library Saccharide and Glycoside Natural Product Library Reprogramming Compound Library Anti-Metabolism Disease Compound Library Targeted Therapy Drug Library MAPK Inhibitor Library Anti-Lung Cancer Compound Library Antioxidant Compound Library Carboxylic Acid Fragment Library With Solubility Immunology/Inflammation Compound Library DNA Damage and Repair Compound Library Plus Fluorochemical Library Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch Compound Library Anti-Neurodegenerative Disease Compound Library Preclinical Compound Library CNS-Penetrant Compound Library Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Compound Library Immuno-Oncology Compound Library Orally Active Compound Library Cuproptosis Compound Library Antidepressant Compound Library Bioactive Compound Library FDA-Approved & Pharmacopeia Drug Library Anti-Ovarian Cancer Compound Library Anti-Bacterial Compound Library GPCR Compound Library



Cat No. Product Name
T41003 KG5 FLT , Raf , c-Kit , PDGFR
KG5 is a dual allosteric inhibitor of PDGFRβ and B-Raf with a Kd of 520 nM and 300 nM for PDGFRβ and PDGFRα. KG5 inhibit...
T5164 Cabozantinib hydrochloride Cabozantinib hydrochloride (849217-68-1(free base)) , BMS-907351 , XL184 c-Met/HGFR , FLT , VEGFR , TAM Receptor , ROR , c-Kit
Cabozantinib (XL184) is a potent pan-tyrosine kinases inhibitor that inhibits VEGFR2, c-Met, Kit, Axl, and Flt4 (IC50s: ...
T4315 Ki20227 CSF-1R , VEGFR , c-Fms , c-Kit , PDGFR
Ki-20227 is a specific c-Fms tyrosine kinase(CSF1R) inhibitor (IC50: 2 nM). It also has certain inhibitory against VEGFR...
T5398 BMS 599626 2HCl (873837-23-1(HCl)) AC480 dihydrochloride HER
BMS-599626 (AC480) is a selective inhibitor of HER1 and HER2 (IC50s: 20 nM and 30 nM), ~8-fold less potent to HER4, >100...
T0520 Lenvatinib E7080 VEGFR , FGFR , c-RET , PDGFR , c-Kit
Lenvatinib is a Kinase Inhibitor. The mechanism of action of lenvatinib is as a Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor.
T19222 c-Kit-IN-3 maleate Others
c-Kit-IN-3 maleate is a potent and selective c-KIT kinase inhibitor (IC50s: 4 nM, 8 nM for c-KIT wt, and c-KIT T670I).
T19223 c-Kit-IN-3 tartrate Others
c-Kit-IN-3 tartrate is a potent and selective c-KIT kinase inhibitor (IC50s: 4 nM, 8 nM for c-KIT wt, and c-KIT T670I).
T19220 c-Kit-IN-3 hydrochloride Others
c-Kit-IN-3 hydrochloride is a potent and selective c-KIT kinase inhibitor (IC50s: 4 nM, 8 nM for c-KIT wt, and c-KIT T67...
T19221 c-Kit-IN-3 L-tartrate Others
c-Kit-IN-3 L-tartrate is a potent and selective c-KIT kinase inhibitor (IC50s: 4 nM, 8 nM for c-KIT wt, and c-KIT T670I)...
T19219 c-Kit-IN-3 D-tartrate Others
c-Kit-IN-3 D-tartrate is a potent and selective c-KIT kinase inhibitor (IC50s: 4 nM, 8 nM for c-KIT wt, and c-KIT T670I)...
T23418 Tandutinib (MLN518) HCl Others
Tandutinib is an effective antagonist for FLT3, platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR), and c-Kit. Tandutinib p...
T40504 N-Desmethyl imatinib mesylate Norimatinib mesylate , ImatinibmetaboliteN-Desmethylimatinibmesylate
N-Desmethyl imatinib mesylate (Norimatinib mesylate) is a metabolite of Imatinib (HY-15463). Imatinib is a multi-target ...
T18477 NAMPT inhibitor-linker 1 Others
NAMPT inhibitor-linker 1 is a drug-linker conjugates for ADC, composed of an NAMPT inhibitor as a payload, and a linker....
T34090 PLX9486 PLX 9486 , PLX-9486
PLX9486 is an orally bioavailable protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor of mutated forms of the tumor-associated antigen mas...
T18478 NAMPT inhibitor-linker 2 Others
NAMPT inhibitor-linker 2 is a drug-linker conjugates for ADC, composed of an NAMPT inhibitor as a payload, and a linker....
T35331 Dovitinib (TKI258) Lactate CHIR258 FGFR , VEGFR , PDGFR , c-Kit
T11640 Imatinib-d8 STI571 D8 , CGP-57148B D8 Others
Imatinib D8 is a deuterium-labeled Imatinib. Imatinib is an orally bioavailable tyrosine kinases inhibitor that inhibit...
T11639 Imatinib D4 STI571 D4 , CGP-57148B D4 Others
Imatinib D4 is a deuterium-labeled Imatinib. Imatinib is an orally bioavailable tyrosine kinases inhibitor that selecti...
T61313 Antitumor agent-70
Antitumor agent-70 (compound 8b) has anti-tumor activity and can induce cell apoptosis. Antitumor agent-70 inhibits mult...
T9665 Esuberaprost Sodium
Famitinib (SHR1020), an orally active multi-targeted kinase inhibitor, inhibits the activity of c-kit, VEGFR-2 and PDGFR...
Cabozantinib hydrochloride
synonym: Cabozantinib hydrochloride (849217-68-1(free base)) , BMS-907351 , XL184
BMS 599626 2HCl (873837-23-1(HCl))
synonym: AC480 dihydrochloride
synonym: E7080
c-Kit-IN-3 maleate
c-Kit-IN-3 tartrate
c-Kit-IN-3 hydrochloride
c-Kit-IN-3 L-tartrate
c-Kit-IN-3 D-tartrate
Tandutinib (MLN518) HCl
N-Desmethyl imatinib mesylate
synonym: Norimatinib mesylate , ImatinibmetaboliteN-Desmethylimatinibmesylate
NAMPT inhibitor-linker 1
synonym: PLX 9486 , PLX-9486
NAMPT inhibitor-linker 2
Dovitinib (TKI258) Lactate
synonym: CHIR258
synonym: STI571 D8 , CGP-57148B D8
Imatinib D4
synonym: STI571 D4 , CGP-57148B D4
Antitumor agent-70
Esuberaprost Sodium
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